Weimaraner Rescue of SC

Our mission is to guard the welfare of all Weimaraners in South Carolina by providing science-based information to owners; assisting families rehoming their dog; obtaining custody of all Weimaraners held in shelters; and rehoming those dogs by applying modern assessment techniques to match dogs to families to optimize success and the well-being of all.​

We use the application process to reveal the traits that a Weimaraner should have to be the best match for you.  Once revealed, we guide you toward Weimaraners in our program that have the traits best for your family and lifestyle which significantly improves the likelihood of a positive outcome for you and the Weimaraner.  Our Weimaraners are housed in a statewide foster home network, not an institution.  This allows us to conduct a thorough behavior evaluation on each Weimaraner with regards to day to day life in an American home.  

We generally have at least one Weimaraner in our program at any given time that is a proper match for each qualified applicant. If we do not have a good match for you at the time of your application approval, we typically have several Weimaraners entering our program each week.

Once you submit your application, you will receive an email usually within 7 - 10 days to schedule a follow up phone call so that a professional canine behavior consultant can ask additional questions and discuss pertinent information to identify the best Weimaraner match for you.  Additionally, which Weimaraners in the program are good candidates for your household will be discussed at that time.   Once matched Weimaraners are identified, you will have a chance to speak to the foster home in which the Weimaraner(s) currently resides for additional information.  Please check your spam folder in the event that the email is diverted there.

If you are interested in adopting a Weimaraner, the best approach is to immediately submit an application and go through the interview process and have your application on file.  Do not wait until you see a Weimaraner online that interests you since people with a pre-approved  application will get first claim to lifestyle-matched Weimaraners as they come into rescue.  As an all volunteer force, we hope you understand that we need to use our time wisely, so to get information on any individual dog, we do ask that you first submit an application.

If you are willing to consider adopting a senior dog, you should know that you would be committing an incredible act of kindness by giving an older dog a chance to have a happy stable home for the last years of their life.  Very few people are willing to adopt older dogs and because of that, they often linger in permanent foster care, never having the dedicated family they need to make a perfect life just for them.   The adoption fees are reduced for adopting a senior dog.   

We seldom get very young puppies into rescue.  However, only focusing on age is not a good method for finding the right dog for you.  If you understand the Weimaraner breed, you will know that it is not necessary to get a young dog to form a bond.  The Weimaraner breed is known as one of the neediest breeds of all of the AKC breeds.  The bond formed with their humans is unusually strong at any age which is why separation anxiety disorder is more common in Weimaraners than in many breeds.  Since a Weimaraner lives to 12 - 14 years of age, a 2 year old Weimaraner would live with you for an entire decade.  We are a science-based professional rescue organization with superior skills in matching the right Weimaraner to the right family.  If you feel you will accept nothing other than a puppy, please read our information here: Ethical Breeding and Perpetuation of the Breeds.pdf on how to find an ethical breeder from which to purchase a puppy. 

Adoption fees are typically $350.00, with fees reduced for senior dogs or waived for special needs dogs. Other than insurance and some minor printing and internet cost, all monies collected by this rescue go directly to the healthcare and feeding of our program Weimaraners.  Any donations you would like to make at any time is greatly appreciated.

Attention Cat Owners:  If, as a cat owner, you are considering adopting a rescue Weimaraner, you should expect a considerably longer wait time for adoption.  It is very difficult to find an appropriate Weimaraner to place in homes with cats as we get very few Weimaraners into our program that are cat-safe.  The Weimaraner is a hunting breed and unless they are raised with cats as companions, they are typically not safe with cats.  If you choose to apply for adoption, we will hold your application and let you know if we get a cat-safe Weimaraner into our program, but for those dogs we typically have a waiting list and the wait can be quite long.

Our suggestions for cat-owners interested in acquiring a Weimaraner companion are:

  • Apply with many Weimaraner Rescue groups to increase your chances of finding a cat-safe Weimaraner. 
  • Consider buying a puppy from an ETHICAL breeder that can be raised around your cat.  We have included information here: Ethical Breeding and Perpetuation of the Breeds.pdf on how to find an ethically bred Weimaraner puppy as well as the reason that Weimaraner Rescue of SC supports the ethical breeding of Weimaraners.  Please do not purchase a puppy from a breeder that does not meet the highest standards of ethics.  The practices of unethical breeders are the reason so many Weimaraners end up in need of rescue and any money that you give to those breeders, even if you are certain your Weimaraner will not be in need of rescue, perpetuates their existence and puts Weimaraners in harm’s way.  

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Thank you for your Interest in Adopting from Weimaraner Rescue of SC!