Weimaraner Rescue of SC

Our mission is to guard the welfare of all Weimaraners in South Carolina by providing science-based information to owners; assisting families rehoming their dog; obtaining custody of all Weimaraners held in shelters; and rehoming those dogs by applying modern assessment techniques to match dogs to families to optimize success and the well-being of all.​

Hi there!  My name is Bo and at age 7, I am in search of a new home.  I had a really rough start upon arriving with WRSC….  I was a product of a divorce and went to stay with my dad’s friend….  I was so distraught I escaped and was on the run for a few days.  I landed in a shelter and WRSC was called.  Two lovely ladies picked me up at the shelter and were bringing me to my new foster home when they quickly recognized I wasn’t doing well.  A detour on the trip, and I was taken to an emergency vet for much needed medical care.  I spent several days there before going to my foster home.  Thanks to everyone, I am now a very healthy and if I don’t mind saying handsome boy!  My foster dad speaks highly of me and says I’m a very gentle and sweet fella!  I am house trained and not shy of letting you know when I need to go out!  I wag my tail and walk over to the door & bark!  Pretty smart, eh?  I’m so happy when it is time to eat, I show my appreciation by barking then too!  I’m learning basic commands and would love to continue learning in my new home.  I am shy when I meet new people, I tend to stay close to folks I know & will smell you on my terms, but I eventually warm up.  I enjoy going for walks and respect who is walking me.  I may pull a little if I see something of interest, such as a squirrel, but not bad.  My foster dad says I go into “chase” mode when I see a cat on the other side of the fence, so probably best not to have cat siblings.  I am NOT a fan of crates at all!  However, no need for one, I free roam with my foster sister and do just fine.  I may hop up on your couch and could probably counter surf some food if left out, but my foster dad is so Weim savvy, he never does that!  As far as Weims go, I’m pretty easy peasy!!  So please go to Adoption and fill out an app for me!  Pretty Pleasey…..  Love, Bo